Jessica Crute is an artist whose work explores the significance, value and validity of the human experience through the engagement between individuals and social worlds. Since her debut at the Lawndale in 2012, Crute's work has continued to advocate for social change through a myriad of creative and collaborative mediums. Recently, Crute appeared at the Contemporary Arts Museum, as part of their Revenue Sharing series, where she facilitated a discussion on the use of social and political issues in contemporary art and how art can both interpret and inform a collective identity. In response to her father's struggle with homelessness in 2012, Jessica founded the Voice of the Homeless, a non-profit organization that seeks to humanize the issue of homelessness and provide a platform to which the voice of the homeless may be heard. Lining the Houston skyline with the words of those who are without a home, Crute released a public space billboard on September 5, 2013, in conjunction with the Deborah Colton Gallery's Collective Identity show, which reads:

“EVEN THE PIGEONS DON’T SEE ME” –voice of the homeless